Wednesday 18 March 2020

[NEWS] Shipping Suspended

Oh no you don't
Worthy Customers & Valued Bots,

Let it be known that, due to the Vagaries of the Bat Plague & its divers Consequences, shipping from this Humble Enterprise has now been suspended until further Notice. Such a Notice shall surely be provided at once when the Plague passes, and fairer Winds return. Fresh Merchandise, yet unseen on our Globe, shall be in Bountiful Stock; Old Mainstays shall likewise be provided in Prodigious Quantities. In the meantime, let us pass our Days with Games, Musick, Wholesome Literature, Good Food & health-bringing Elixirs. May Good Fortune shine upon all of us & all the Saints extend their Protective Hand!

--The Grand Mercantilist, 18th of March A.D. MMXX


  1. Can an order be placed now, to be fulliled once things come back to normal?

    1. Yes, that is possible. Drop me an e-mail at beyond DOT fomalhaut AT gmail DOT com