Wednesday, 18 March 2020

[NEWS] Shipping Suspended

Oh no you don't
Worthy Customers & Valued Bots,

Let it be known that, due to the Vagaries of the Bat Plague & its divers Consequences, shipping from this Humble Enterprise has now been suspended until further Notice. Such a Notice shall surely be provided at once when the Plague passes, and fairer Winds return. Fresh Merchandise, yet unseen on our Globe, shall be in Bountiful Stock; Old Mainstays shall likewise be provided in Prodigious Quantities. In the meantime, let us pass our Days with Games, Musick, Wholesome Literature, Good Food & health-bringing Elixirs. May Good Fortune shine upon all of us & all the Saints extend their Protective Hand!

--The Grand Mercantilist, 18th of March A.D. MMXX

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