Monday 6 July 2020

[MODULE] In the Shadow of the City-God & Trail of the Sea Demon (NOW AVAILABLE!)

In the Shadow of the City-God
& Trail of the Sea Demon

I am pleased to announce the publication of two new adventure modules, In the Shadow of the City-God and Trail of the Sea Demon. Both of them are delayed releases, which might have been ready for Spring, but then the Bat Plague happened, and the modules did not. However, they are now ready at last. 

Cloak and dagger...
Written by Istvan Boldog-Bernad, and illustrated by Denis McCarthy (whoso did the cover art) and Stefan Poag, In the Shadow of the City-God is a 32-page adventure module for 3rd to 4th level characters. The module is an effortless combination of urban intrigue, cloak-and-dagger action, and dungeon crawling in Mur, a city-state worshipped and forever constructed by its citizens as a living god. Inspired by Shakespeare and the bloody renaissance authors who had preceded him, Mur is one of the great charismatic locations in fantasy RPGs, and an excellent place to set your own adventures – after you have played this one. In fact, a further wilderness scenario is also included in the booklet (yes, it is positively packed). The module comes with a players’ map of the city.

“Mur’s fortunes have been built on tear salt, and merchants from distant lands travel to the city for this healing elixir. There are two tear salt springs in town, owned by two rival patrician families: the Falconi and the Capullo. Mur’s laws forbid open conflict, and like most crimes against citizens, the punishment for breaking the peace is severe: live entombment within the living city’s ever-growing walls! Nevertheless, cloak-and-dagger intrigue always claims new victims, and discord between the two families has now escalated into almost open warfare after the elderly Ercol Falconi’s young wife has disappeared. Time is ticking away, and only a bold company of outsiders can resolve the feuds and discover the masterminds behind it all… under the watchful eyes of the City-God!


...enigmas and dreams.
The second module, Trail of the Sea Demon, is a 32-page collection of three loosely connected weird fantasy scenarios for 3rd to 5th level characters. These mini-adventures revolve around a secretive mystery-religion, and the hidden paths which lead to it in a fantastic, labyrinthine city. They can be inserted into any sinful fantasy metropolis, and may be smoothly integrated into an ongoing campaign. Originally published in Fight On! magazine, the adventures have been revised and expanded based on further play, and presented in an accessible, user-friendly format in the current edition, with illustrations by Peter Mullen (whose cover is one for the ages), Graphite Prime, Jerry Boucher, and Stefan Poag.

“The Temple has stood in an abandoned plaza since time immemorial. It is part of the city, but no known street or alleyway leads to it. Only those who wait for the appointed time can embark on a pilgrimage of shadows and dreams to walk new ways through the silent and dark city. It is said that only a select few know the way except for the fanatical priests who worship the destructive powers of the sea. Those who have sought the Sea Demon’s advice seek it rarely; those who seek its riches have never returned to tell the tale. But now, the city’s past may grant a key to solve an occult mystery… Trail of the Sea Demon is a collection of three short adventures concerning the way to the Sea Demon’s sinister temple, the secrets and perils that await therein, and what may follow afterwards.”

The print versions of the modules are available from my Bigcartel store; the PDF edition will be published through DriveThruRPG with three months’ delay. As always, customers who buy the print edition will receive the PDF version free of charge.


  1. Looking forward to these, thanks Gabor!


  2. Shadows and trails - they've got to lead to some good D&D!

  3. Having made an utter and complete fool of himself, Mr. Kent has been escorted off the premises.

    1. Crap, I just returned to see if he made even more of a fool of himself...

  4. These showed up at my house quite fast! Clearly the bat plague has not affected intercontinental shipping as much as I feared. It takes far longer to get books from DTRPG these days.