Sunday 11 September 2016

[STUFF] The Smugglers of Cliff Point

Tricorne hats not included
Some of the sand that goes into the sandbox: a seaside lair inhabited by a band of smugglers. It is a typical example of what a smaller adventure location in a sandbox setting would look like. It is functional, although a bit on the generic side. The things that really make such mini-scenarios interesting is how they connect to other parts of the sandbox setting, and how it is the brief description of both a place and an organisation. We learn that the smugglers are involved in all kinds of robbery and illicit trade, and have unspecified links to Lady Ivlan’s assassins. We get acquainted with their leader, who seems to use disguises to move about the seaside towns. The smugglers may be keeping interesting prisoners. The characters may decide to join their ranks, or slip in quietly to steal some valuable item. If they survive their first encounter with the player characters, the smugglers may return again and again over the campaign, helping the characters get around unseen, or they may try to make their lives a living hell. All in all, this is not a cliff: it is a jumping off point.


  1. great little smuggler location to drop onto a map. thanks very much indeed !