Monday, 16 September 2019

[NEWS] Saving Throw: A Fundraiser Fanzine to Help James D. Kramer

Saving Throw

While Echoes #06 is undergoing some essential fine-tuning before release, I would like to draw your attention to a recently published fanzine. Saving Throw has been assembled and released for the benefit of James D. Kramer. You may know James from his illustrative work, which is found in various adventure modules and game supplements. You may have handled his editing work if you have browsed through a copy of Knockspell or OSRIC. You may know him as a publisher and author of fine adventures through his Usherwood Publishing imprint (which also sells an A5 version of the OSRIC rules). You may know him as a family man, too.

As you may also have heard, James has been fighting a malignant brain tumour for a while, and has had to undergo multiple surgeries in the process. Saving Throw – sold for the auspicious price of $13.00 – is a fanzine whose proceeds will go to Jim and his family in this trying time – and it is also intended as a thank-you note and as a gift to cheer him up. In 64 pages, Saving Throw contains a wealth of articles written by members of the old-school community. Therein, you will find six complete mini-adventures (I wrote one of them); random inspiration tables to generate fantastic islands; variant rules; maps to great treasures; new monsters and NPC parties; and more.

Saving Throw is currently available in PDF from DriveThruRPG, and a print version is also forthcoming (sold at discount to those who purchase the PDF). Buy yours today!


  1. I snapped this right up. The title is very touching.

  2. The content is really excellent!

  3. Some news and updates on _Saving Throw_:

    1. Thank you for your generous support of this project!---Saving Throw has been as high as #3 on the DriveThru's best sellers list this week, outpacing both Eclipe Phase 2nd Edition and Legend of the Five Rings! That wouldn't have been possible without your support!

    2. Please continue to spread the word---Saving Throw isn't even a week old yet, so many old-school gamers won't be aware of it: mention it in your gaming groups, your local game stores, and in your social media channels! Your primary link should be back to the DriveThru project page at

    3. Bryce "" Lynch's very positive review is at and user Guggy Z on DriveThru commented as a verified purchaser that "What a great zine! Just skimming I think the hours of solid play to page count ratio looks immense, and I appreciate the chance to support a good cause. This stuff is going right to my table ASAP!"

    More news and updates on my blog (including about the forthcoming print edition) @

    Thank you again, and please continue to share the project to amplify its visibility---the more gamers who are aware of it, the more support it will bring to Jim and his family!


  4. The adventures in it are top-notch. Well worth the price, even if it wasn't going towards a good cause.