Saturday 6 August 2016

Review Standards

Bryce has his [edit: and so does the weird other guy], I’ve got mine.

Basically, I buy RPG products (mainly adventures and mini-settings) either on the basis of gut feeling, or favourable comments made by trustworthy people and gut feeling. I have a weakness for things that are cheap, homemade and a bit dodgy, while the modern Big Shiny Book aesthetic leaves me cold. I like sword&sorcery-ish flavour, and materials which don’t overstay their welcome (although I am suspicious of the ultra-minimalist trend permeating old-school gaming). And of course, hype is a hell of a drug.

These are not always good principles to inform your buying habits, and this blog is partly here so you can at least learn from my mistakes. There are a lot of old-school supplements that imitate this or that classic trade dress with the doggedness of a mimic, but don’t deliver on their promises. There are many products with elaborate setups which boil down to “five rooms with monsters and stuff in them”. Sadly, this is a common flaw of modules based in otherwise interesting settings.

My ratings go from * (terrible, possible comedy value) to ***** (an outstanding work). Most of the stuff I am running into is worth three stars; very few are worth five, and I try to steer clear of anything below a comfortable ***. Fortunately, the majority of old-school products out there are functional, and their most common flaw is being inoffensively unremarkable. That is no crime; the real atrocities in this hobby tend to come from the people who don’t game, or who hold their peers in open contempt.

[Addendum, 23. 01. 2017]What do the ratings mean?

* Terrible, would damage a sane person's game. Possible comedy value.
** Poorly designed, boring, dysfunctional, insufficient, or a combination thereof. Might have some salvage value, but you are better off writing your own materials.
*** A good, functional product (or a flawed gem). Most old-school materials fall into this category.
**** Something that's either original and highly imaginative, or so solidly made that it should offer an outstanding gaming experience. Worth buying.
***** An outstanding, very well-designed work that sets the example for others, and puts something genuinely new on the table. Worth buying before you regret missing it.
***** and the Prestigious Monocled Bird of Excellence. One of the great achievements in gaming. At the moment, this category includes Anomalous Subsurface Environment 1, The Tome of Adventure Design, Yoon-Suin, and Wormskin. Naturally, you already own these.


  1. Hello! How can I submit something to be reviewed?

    1. Hi! Just let me know what product it is, and where it may be purchased. I can't guarantee I will review it - I have made too many promises I could not keep, so I am not making those anymore. But I will take a look.

    2. Thanks. It's here:

      I'd be happy to send you a download coupon. Reach out to me at

    3. I will check out the PDF - I buy what I review (except things that are already free).